Business IT Support & Services

We appreciate that every business is different with unique IT requirements. Taking this into consideration, the support and services we offer are flexible and tailored according to your needs.

Below are some examples of how existing clients take advantage of our flexibility towards IT support and services:

A client with no internal IT staff. We provide a fully outsourced solution incorporating Consultancy, Project Management, Procurement and Technical services as and when required.

A client with an internal member of staff who looks after IT as a secondary role. We provide Consultancy, Procurement and Technical services as and when required.

A client with IT Administrator onsite. We provide Consultancy and Procurement services as and when required.

Professional Services

Looking to upgrade or replace existing systems but don't know which way to turn? Our extensive range of professional services offer businesses advice and guidance on upgrading or replacing existing systems. Professional services include Consultancy, Project Management, Relocation, Risk Assessments & Site Surveys.

Procurement Service

You have the solution but where do you source the parts at a competitive price? Our extensive and reliable supply chain is continually developed to enable us to offer our clients competitive pricing on hardware and software from leading technology brands such as ESET, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Veeam & WatchGuard. The products we recommend to our clients are those that, based on our real world experiences, offer the best Return On Investment over the course of the products lifespan. A selection of these products can be viewed under "IT Catalogue"

Technical Support

You have the solution, you have the parts...if only there were some experts to bring it all together. With combined experience of over 60 years, our technical team are adept at bringing solutions to fruition in a timely manner. Day-to-day technical support is carried out by remote sessions, telephone, Skype for Business or visiting site.